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Here comes a bright new day and we come with brand new friends! The team from have started a very interesting project and we would like to help them by spreading out the word. They are very talented, eager and hard working which we consider is a perfect recipe for success.

So what are they all about? Well, to put it in their own words, they are all about traveling, storytelling and fondness of the Banat territories, which is a historical province shared nowadays between Romania, Hungary and Serbia. It is a multicultural melting pot of Eastern Europe. have made it their mission to discover, explore and preserve every little bit of the wonderful Banat region. crew
Flavius Neamciuc crew

You may then ask yourself what is so great about the Banat region. In order to get the complete and long version, we recommend you follow the website and get all the updates. We will just give you a short version answer by listing a few facts which have inspired the team from to start the project in the first place.

The Banat region has always been a popular and well known area of the country among tourists as well as among locals. The main reason for the region’s popularity is the fact that is has been the location for many of the country’s premiers, such as:

  • the first train station,
  • the first rail road,
  • the first beer factory,
  • the first electric tramway,
  • the first mountain farmacy,
  • the first electric iluminated city,
  • the first private jazz club,
  • the first city to free itself of the communist regime

These are only a few of the many important events that have taken place in the region of Banat and that have managed to put this place on the map. Besides these events, its beauty, uniqueness and culture also contributed to spreading the popularity of this region not only in Romania but all throughout Europe.

You would not believe that this entire project is managed only by a small group of 4 people. But it’s true! Young, enthusiastic and passionate, the four members of the PrinBanat team will delight you with the most wonderful stories, beautiful photographs and interesting facts regarding the Banat region.

Alexandra Palconi is a true Banat native and brings the charm of her origins into her work. Flavius Neamciuc is the master of photography, finding a beautiful angle for anything and anyone. Cristian Sitov keeps the website alive and the project along with it. And last but not least, Lia Radoi is the perfect example for creativity in person, being the designer for all the graphic materials associated with PrinBanat.

Dedicated to reveal to the world the true and original Banat Region, the team wants to bring attention not only to the good parts but the sad ones as well. As much as they take pride in the beautiful regions and gorgeous architecture, they also remind readers of the, unfortunately, forgotten parts.

There are many buildings that once were the pride of the West Romania and now stand alone, forgotten and decaying slowly. A big part of this project consists in bringing these buildings to light and telling their stories. The beautiful and detailed architecture, rich history and grand structures have made these buildings stand out for all the good reasons. Today, they blend in for all the wrong reasons. They got mixed up with the surroundings, which consist mostly nature, getting lost and slowly disappearing.

We encourage everyone to visit the website and support this wonderful project. We gave you the website link once, but here it is again in case you missed it » PrinBanat.