Best hiking tours in Europe

Hiking enthusiasts, grab your gear and get ready for the adventure of your life! Actually, adventures! Choose among one of these wonderful hiking destinations or, why not, all of them?

Reykjavik, Iceland

We must begin by saying that this hike is not for anyone! It is for those who wish to experience the same awe as did the Vikings. It is for those who are ready to discover the wonders of Iceland’s national and natural parks. It is for those who are ready to run into thundering waterfalls, vast icecaps and icy glaciers. It is for those who enjoy staying in small hotels and spend nights camping in the fresh air. And, finally, it is for those who have dreamed their entire life to visit places such as Reykjavik or Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland, Reykjavik
Frank Denney Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland, Reykjavik

A large number of explorers have been attracted for centuries to all the wonders that Iceland has to offer. The national parks of Iceland have preserved the unique and splendid nature of the island and have protected it from any outside intruders. Every civilization that has stepped foot on these lands has left its mark into the culture and style of living of the locals. The ruggedness of this land is not only a wonderful sight to the eye, but it is also a testament to the care and mindfulness of the island’s locals.

The hike begins from Reykjavik, travels along the southern coast towards Skaftafell National Park, where those who embark on this adventure are rewarded with amazing views of the Vatnajokul, the largest non-polar icecap in the world. The obsidian lava fields, blue lakes, and multi-colored hills of Landmannalaugar mix very well togheter forming a fantastic backdrop for unforgettable backcountry hikes. In the Thingvellir National Park, hikers learn about the famous Norse settlers and the fascinating medieval sagas they left behind. The hike ends on a warm note, with a celebration dinner back in the vibrant city of Reykjavik.

Dublin, Ireland

From Dublin to Dingle, coast to coast, through Beara Peninsula and the Killarney National Park, the lovely Emerald Isle will be stripped of its secrets. This hike explores the best parts of Ireland and makes its way through the best and most insightful places. From the most rugged medieval castles and the most ancient monasteries to the most colorful pubs and charming villages. At night, hikers will be comfortably accommodated in the most charming inns where they will have the opportunity to learn about the wonderful Gaelic Culture.

Lough Tay, Dublin, Ireland
Gregory Dalleau Lough Tay, Dublin, Ireland

Starting in the wonderful Dublin, the hike wanders through spectacular landscapes from the peaks of the Wicklow Mountains to the pasture lands of Tipperary. Of course, along the way. there will be many medieval castles, monasteries, and pubs that should not be passed by. Ireland’s wilder side will be out in the open and will offer an unforgettable experience in County Cork. The natural wonders of Killarney National Park await on the Iveragh Peninsula for those anyone who sets up on this hike. On the Dingle Peninsula, the center of Gaelic culture awaits to be explored. Fantastic sea views are to be enjoyed and colorful pubs wait to be filled by thirsty tourists who care to enjoy a famous Guinness beer and toast the “ceól agus craic” (music and merriment)

Sintra, Portugal

A wonderful warm and exciting culture awaits anyone who chooses this particular hike. The entire coastline awaits with wonderful views, beautiful culture and warm weather to greet hikers. This hike is a mix between the culture of the amazing cities of Lisbon and Sintra and the sun-drenched beach of Algarve, the dramatic, rough miles of unspoiled coastline and the clean and fresh feeling of nature.

Sintra, Portugal
Portuguese Gravity Sintra, Portugal

The hike starts near Lisbon, in the romantic settlement of Sintra. This is the place where steep hillsides, covered in the most lush forests, open the way towards the most luxurious white sandy beaches. The hike then continues to pass by centuries-old palaces and castles, each and every one of them having a more imposing stature that the other. Charming whitewashed villages do not go by unnoticed with their inviting plazas and cafes, furthermore providing a well deserved stop and a quintessential southern European experience to go with it. The hike ends when encountering the famous Algarve beach, near Lagos, at the towering cliffs of the Sagres promontory. Here, the hike ends with a little piece of trivia when hikers find out that this is the place where ships departed from the sailing school of Prince Henry the Navigator in a quest to discover far-off lands.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre of Italy is one of the most beautiful and picturesque hikes that people can choose from. You do not only get to see amazing coastlines, beaches and cliffs but you also get to pass through five of the most amazing Italian villages.

Cinque Terre, Italy
Josh Hild Cinque Terre, Italy

From the name you may guess that we are talking about a number of five villages set on the Italian Riviera coastline. They are all unique in their quirky way but they also have a few details in common. Besides the location, they all have extremely colorful houses which make the villages look unique and charming. The most appealing part of this specific hike is the fact that it is almost entirely lacking corporate development.

The five picturesque fishing villages perched on Mediterranean hillsides, splendidly brushed in sun-washed colors have often been compared to Picasso’s paintings. The hike also features medieval fortresses and plentiful vineyards which contrast with harbors filled with gleaming yachts. This enticing vision exists on the Italian Riviera between Genoa and La Spezia. From tiny fishing ports teeming with colorful boats, our walking adventure spans some of the most glorious terrain in Italy.

We hike steep, ancient trails connecting the villages of the Cinque Terre, led by knowledgeable guides who give us glimpses into rustic hamlet life. The fragrant sea air and gentle climate of the Ligurian Coast refresh our spirits and at night we enjoy freshly prepared, local cuisine while relaxing at hillside inns that overlook the sea.

Julian Alps, Slovenia

From the edge of the sea we hike up to the top of the mountains. The beautiful Julian Alps await to be passed over by . Just think about how exquisite of an experience is to be able to hike upon them. Walk among the clouds, discover amazing towering peaks, and explore the most amazing seaside cities and Gothic castles.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Arnauld Steckle Lake Bled, Slovenia

The rough Julian Alps are located in the wonderful gem of Slovenia and are just as dominating and beautiful as their Swiss and French cousins. But they come with one very big difference: far fewer hikers. Our Slovenia hiking adventure—selected by National Geographic Traveler as one of “50 tours of a lifetime” (2007)—is the ideal way to experience this sublime alpine destination and its quiet solitude.

Tucked between Italy and Austria, the Julian Alps are home to alpine villages and dramatic scenery. From towering 9.000-foot peaks the hike plunges down to the Adriatic coast. The Triglav National Park has a complete landscape of soaring mountains, gorgeous alpine lakes, and scattered historical remnants of the Iron Age. The exquisite Lake Bled region, the gorgeous Soca River valley and the Venetian-styled, seaside city of Piran are also wonderful sights featured on this wonderful Alpine Hike.

The highlight of your week will be an overnight stay in a traditional Slovenian mountain hut in Trigav’s high country.