Nomadic Samuel – Addicted to traveling in Asia

With his crazy hats on and often hiding behind his lens, Samuel Jeffery is one fun to read travel blogger. This nomad from Canada is not afraid to hop on a train in India, eat silkworm larvae, drink snake blood or ride an ostrich. When he’s not experiencing ethnic cuisine or pumping his adrenalin level trying all sorts of crazy activities, he’s teaching English to Asian children. In the six years he’s been traveling he’s gathered a lot of great stories that he shares with everybody on his blog Nomadic Samuel.


Christina Saull’s view from the middle seat

Here’s an unique perspective on traveling! Christina and her husband travel around in search of the little pleasures of life. A glass of good wine, a perfect coffee, toes dug in the sand or great sceneries and spots immortalized through Christina’s sincere lens and all the feelings that come with the moments they live while traveling are the ingredients of their one of a kind story. You can read all about that on or just enjoy the images Christina captured with her camera on her website.


Ice cold surfing

Some of the best cold water surfing location that you must go if you like extreme surfing