The Travel Hunch is the colorful collection of

  1. travel notes written by world-wanderers meant to inspire and motivate us all to step out of our spot called home, city, country, continent
  2. my own travel plans which I’d like to check out myself, one by one. If you were there before me or plan to go there, I’d be happy to get a short reply from you.

I do value

  1. readable articles. I’m doing my best to have this site as tidy typographically as possible. Still, I’ll welcome anytime design improvement tips.
  2. your time – I’m picky about words that make it into the content. I love straight-to-the-point, brief articles.
  3. honesty. All content – images, quotes – does respect it’s author and it’s license.

Travel is the keyword here. It is not just a column hidden or mixed in an ad-bloated online newspaper layout.

I believe there is no such qualifier as “right” when speaking about traveling – on a tight budget, splurge, no budget at all – it’s all fine as long as it’s done responsibly to people and nature.

Well, let’s see what comes.

November 2011