Experience Tuscany in a luxurious retreat

When it comes to Italy, people think first of Rome with its crowded streets and popular tourist attractions. We want to present in this article a wonderful, secluded part of Italy which is found in the wonderful region of Tuscany.

In the middle of this beautiful region we have found a luxurious getaway which is perfect for those seeking to experience a peaceful and luxurious vacation. The Villa is surrounded by 2 acres of enclosed land covered in luscious nature and wide green spaces. The house and the land surrounding are built in the specific Tuscany style meant to make any visitor feel at home whilst introducing them into the wonderful Tuscan lifestyle.

Luxury Water Mill with Saline Water Pool & SPA
Luxury Water Mill with Saline Water Pool & SPA
Mulino di Anqua, Airbnb

The Neighborhood

The Mulino di Anqua Villa is located in the beautiful village of Radicondoli, a mix of wonderful architecture, amazing sights and kind people. The town center is a few minutes away so that it gives the perfect distance in order for guests to enjoy their seclusion and privacy but also being close enough for them not to wonder too far looking for it. The town center is the perfect place for those who want to see the architecture, enjoy the local cuisine and receive wisdom from local elders or just if they need to go to the grocery and enjoy all the goodies that the locals have to offer.

The Villa

Besides the wonderful villa, the hosts also offer guests some amazing herb gardens and fruit trees which can be used at their leisure and the nearby stream tops it off by offering amazing views and relaxing sounds. Mulino di Anqua Villa is built inside a 16-century mill that underwent a careful restoration by the owners along with a very skilled architect. The villa is luxuriously decorated and designed in order to suit both the comforts of modern life tourists and the warm hospitality of a country, cozy villa. Guests are able to enjoy their privacy or ask to enhance their stay with the services of a butler, home-cooked meals, daily maid, private yoga classes, massage, and more. If the guests wish to celebrate a more special event at this residence they just need to inform the owners and together they can arrange for the appropriate accommodations. The Villa is 1 hour of driving away from Florence, Punta Ala, or Grosseto.



With the exception of the garage, the entire villa is at the disposal of the guests. The villa is very big with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 6 beds and can accommodate up to 10 people. Among the usual amenities, one will find TV, Wireless Internet, Air Conditioning, Heating, Gym, Indoor Fireplace, Washer, Dryer and more.

Some of the guests can choose to take advantage of the services of a butler, maid or even doorman, this of course meaning giving up on a little of the privacy.

The amenities which add the touch of luxury to this Tuscany style villa are, of course, the outdoor Pool, the Spa and the Saline, all of them being free and usable by each and every guest. If you choose to take advantage of these amenities you will be sure to feel like royalty after. These facilities are sure to give the guests the ultimate luxury experience in a secluded and natural environment.


House Rules

Even though guests can have complete control over the villa during their stay, the owners do have some house rules which should be respected during the vacation.

Among these rules there are No Smoking inside, all doors and windows should be closed when guests are not on the premises, any electrical devices should be turned off when not in the room or outside the house in order to save energy and the wood burning fireplace should not be used without the approval of the owners. These are only a few of the house rules and the rest of them can be discussed with the owners at the moment of rental.


For those who would like to explore the region of Tuscany more during their stay, this villa is a good choice of stay. The villa is only 25 minutes away from 2 of the best five-star hotels in Tuscany. Around this area, there are some of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany and for those who are seeking the best of Italy, they will find it here. If you are the outdoor type looking to see as much as possible we recommend visiting the surrounding villages such as Monteriggioni, Colle di Val d’Elsa, Volterra, Rosia, Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina and many more of these. They are small villages but will leave a big impact on you due to their wonderful architecture, traditions, food, and people.

For more information about renting this wonderful villa you may visit the Airbnb listing by following this link.