Fernando de Noronha’s second name: Paradise

Most travelers go to Brazil to experience the clubbing scene and the legendary beach parties. However for a truly soulful refuge with your loved one, avoid the touristy jaunts favored by the run of the mill backpackers and make your way towards something more esoteric.

With its powdery beaches, lush rolling greens and crystal azure waters, Fernando de Noronha is a tropical paradise of sublime beauty that is steeped deep in mysticism and mystery.

Just like the Atlantis or Shangri-La (Lost Horizon), Fernando de Noronha has caught the imagination of travelers for centuries and many urban myths are associated with this glorious and surreal island. Discovered in the 16th century, this eco-wonderland is big on conservation and, as a result, travelling from the mainland is expensive business. The easiest way to reach this destination is to fly from Recife or from Natal via Nordeste, which is affiliated with Varig. Also, be prepared to cough up the environmental tax, which in all fairness is a small price to pay for this tropical wonderland.

green trees on beach shore during daytime
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Many consider the Pousada Maravilha, the best place to stay in the archipelago, since it is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and offers spellbinding views of the bay of Sueste.  Here one can also swim with families of turtles, watch baby sharks and have romantic interludes under the starlit smoky skies.

Fernando de Noronha has the best beaches in Brazil and we are not exaggerating. Guia Quatro Rodas Praias, which is Brazil’s ‘Beach Bible’, bestowed five starts to only four beaches in all of Brazil – three of them belonging to Fernando de Noronha. So while it is tempting for honeymooners to be holed up in their suites, not indulging in outdoor activities would be a complete travesty. However, you should be warned, the weather here is almost schizophrenic, so before you take out the snorkeling gear make sure the clouds don’t rain (pun intended) on your parade.

One of the more popular ways to explore the island-mountain is by hiring a dune buggy, which is easily available for rent. Start your day by heading towards Lage dos Dies Irmaos, where you and your better half can swim with the juvenile sharks, check out the swarms of hawksbill and green turtles, and also witness rare island species like yellow-eyed mabuya lizards. The adventure seekers can engage in underwater activities like diving and snorkeling to experience the prolific marine life such as albacore, barracuda, snappers, Atlantic goliath groupers (or itajara) etc.

cliff near ocean during daytime
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Take a break from all the activity and head towards Pizzaria Feitiço da Vila for a delicious round of pizza. Located at Vila dos Remedios, the restaurant has a very romantic ambiance and has outdoor seating for those who want to enjoy spectacular views while munching away on delicious food.

After a languid lunch, enjoy the beaches of Fernando de Noronha and pick any from the dozens of available choice. Leão, Sancho and Porcos Bay are the best beaches in Fernando de Noronha and our personal favorite is Sancho Bay as the water changes color from crystal to turquoise to emerald and there is a huge reef wall around the beach making it popular among snorkelers. Then grab drinks and dinner at Bar do Meio on the Praia do Meio before calling it a night.

Fernando de Noronha’s claim to fame is its diverse and rich ecosystem. And while nature lovers throng to this eco-paradise, the volcanic island with its splendid marine life, dramatic rock formations and long lazy stretches of beaches is the perfect romantic destination as well.