Kastel Banaterra – a hunter’s bounty

120 km northeast of Belgrade; 35 km from Kikinda; 50 km from Zrenjanin and only 45 km from the airport in Timisoara lies an undiscovered treasure. Read about and visit as soon as possible the youngest castle in the Serbian area of Banat. x

We recently had the lovely opportunity to join our dear friends from PrinBanat on a journey to a gorgeous castle from the Serbian area of Banat. Literally, just a few steps from the Romanian border we discovered the amazing and gorgeous, as you can see from the photos, Kastel Banaterra. To answer your first question right away, yes, you can visit, have lunch and even stay there. And by the end of this article, we assure you that you will want to at least visit this place.

Turisticki Vodi

In the above photos we show you how the castle looks from the outside, front and then back. Believe us when we say that these photos, although gorgeous, do not do it justice. When you go and see for yourself, you will notice that the beauty of this castle stands in its details, outside and inside. The patio furniture is all made out of wrought iron, beautifully complementing the brick ground and the surrounding garden. As we look from the back of the castle, on the right side of it, there is also a children playground with wooden swings and lovely wooden benches that just take you back and make you want to be a child again.

We have mentioned how this castle’s beauty lies in its details. This can mainly be observed in the dining room, which is also the first room you are introduced to when we entering through the castle doors. Even though not very large in size, the dining room is spectacular to say the least. The wooden floors, windows, furniture and even the supporting structure of the castle are just gorgeous. We know directly from the owner himself that he has tried to maintain the castle as close to the original as possible, especially when it comes to its structure and design. As you can observe from the following pictures, it’s really the old but beautiful hard wood pieces that add that unique charm to the castle.

Besides the dining room, kitchen and bathrooms, there is also a banquet hall at the first floor that can comfortably hold up to 100 people. But what caught our eyes in a special way was the upstairs. As you climb up the stairs, you notice a great hall simple yet elegant with a single piece of furniture on one side of it, which is a 200 year old piano. This piece, along with every other piece of furniture, all belong to the owner who is also a collector of antique pieces of furniture and lets us know that he has brought all of these pieces from antiques shops of his native country.

The next room that just blew our minds is the second floor lounge, which is where the owner, who is also a hunter, keeps his most valued trophies. The walls are decorated with the heads of these animals and they look as stunning as they look creepy. The fox skin rug in the middle of the room adds a unique charm by putting all the hunting trophies in a delicate light, making you feel more homey than anything. The antique and elegant furniture with gorgeous flower accents matches in a strange but beautiful way the theme of the room, completing the atmosphere beautifully.

The rooms are decorated in the simplest way possible, with only the necessary furniture including a bed, single or double, a wardrobe and occasionally mirrors or coffee tables and chairs. The furnishings, of course, depend on what type of room you choose but they are all delicate and elegant. There are 3 master rooms, 9 mansard rooms, 1 junior suite and 1 royal suite that can be occupied by the castle’s guests. The prices, be it for accommodation or just a damn good meal, are very affordable and well worth it when you get to see for yourself what Kastle Banaterra has to offer. So make sure next time you plan a trip around Srpska Crnja not to miss this gorgeous landmark.

We have to thank our friends for the wonderful trip and, of course, for the lovely photos. They were taken by the awesome PrinBanat photograph, Flavius Neamciuc, whose personal website we encourage those of you interested in photography to visit. For those of you who have skipped or have not gotten yet to read about our friends at PrinBanat, you can check out the article in which we introduce them to you right here. And for those who would like to hear more about the history of this wonderful castle, we recommend checking out the PrinBanat website for a very interesting history lesson.