Fort of the Sun

A stay at the Mihir Garh will offer you a unique experience and introspect into the Marwar region and the Indian culture. Explore this amazing “Fort of the Sun” and indulge into a relaxing and beautiful escape in the middle of the dessert.

Mihir Garh

This gorgeous hotel was born from one man’s desire to share the breathtaking beauty of the “Mali Nathji ja Dhora”, a sacred dune dedicated to the Warrior God. In order to not ruin the beauty of this area but rather to enhance it, the Mihir Garh was thought out as a simple fort with clean and simple lines that would appear to be born out of the desert itself.

Mihir Garh
Mihir Garh Mihir Garh

Sidharth Rohet along with his wife Rashmi built this fort using their intuition, emotions and love for the local culture. They integrated all of these elements in the Fort of the Sun and ended up with one of the most popular and visited hotel in this region. But the couple didn’t just used influences of the local culture, they used carpenters, craftsmen and artisans from the local region along with local materials and products. Then end result, which was finished in 2009, is beautiful shelter in the middle of the desert  perfect for summer nights.

When we say that this fort was built by Sidhart and Rashmi Rohet, we mean it. The couple got involved in every single detail and corner of the construction. Rashmi took care beautifully of every design detail from the color schemes to the door knobs and candle holders. They did a remarkable job and today we are going to show you what all their work mounted up to.

Even though this hotel offers most of all luxury and comfort to its guests, the surrounding nature and natural environment has not been forgotten. This hotel has adopted a few methods through which it and its guests can act more environmentally conscious. All the materials used in the construction of the fort were as natural as possible and chemicals were avoided as much as possible.

Mihir Garh Suite
Mihir Gar Mihir Garh Suite

The rainwater is collected and reused using filtering techniques, reducing the water usage and providing clean drinking water for the entire year. There is also an advanced sewage system that recycles drainage water which can also be reused. Solar power is also used for heating purposes and providing electricity. The surrounding grounds have not been disturbed, being let in the will of nature.

There are a total of 9 gorgeous suites inside this sun drenched fort. All of them are around 1700 square feet and are luxuriously decorated with the best and most modern amenities of our times and much more,the private Jacuzzi and pools taking the luxury standards of these suites to an entirely different level. But that’s not it! Private terraces, courtyards, personal mini-bar with local and exotic drinks and even a fireplace to make those windy nights more romantic.

Mihir Garh Pool
Mihir Garh Mihir Garh Pool

The cultural influences can be observed throughout the entire fort in both the suites and the common spaces. Carpets, pillows, blankets and even pieces of silverware depict the wonderful culture and the surroundings of this beautiful area. The cuisine is also a special feature that pleases guests with both traditional dishes and international cuisine, cooked with local and fresh ingredients.

In order to explore more of the culture and the surroundings of this hotel, there are many activities that guests can participate in. From a village Safari and equestrian program to cultural workshops, all are available to give people an insight into the culture and a fun way to spend your holiday here.