An outdoor trip near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

For those who are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach and have a little time to explore the surroundings, we suggest expanding your horizons. Only a couple of hours away from Myrtle Beach we have found several points of interest that could make for a wonderful outdoor trip.

Middleton Place

We start our tour with a wonderful stroll through the gorgeous gardens of Middleton Place. Known as the Oldest Landscaped Gardens in America, these 65 acres, or 263,046 square meters, have turned out to be one of the most “interesting garden in America” and one of the most popular touristic destinations of South Carolina. In order to benefit from the presence of visitors year-round, the garden has been planned in order for something to be blooming during all periods of the year.

North Myrtle Beach
Alex Brinkman North Myrtle Beach

What today is known to be the spot of one of the most beautiful landscaped gardens in the world, started out simply as the Middleton House. Hosting around 4 generations of Middletons, the actual house has been transformed into a museum that exhibits the family’s belongings such as furniture, silverware and even rare books. It is a lovely way to observe the Middleton family, beyond their dedication to the amazing gardens that surround the building.

For those who wish to visit this place, the Middleton House is located on the banks of the Ashley River. Besides the House Museum and Gardens, visitors can also visit the Plantation Stableyards, that date back since the 18th and 19th century, gift shop or even take organized tours. This garden is open for visitors every day from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Our next stop takes us to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Yes, all of today’s destinations are either parks or gardens, but we can assure you that all of them are unique and beautiful in their own special way. After we introduced you to beautiful landscaped gardens surrounding the Middleton Place, we move on to a colorful and diverse Plantation, a lovely stop for anyone, especially, flower enthusiasts.

The Magnolia Plantation was established in the year 1676, when Thomas Drayton and his wife Ann arrived from Barbados to the new English colonies of Charles Towne. Thomas and Ann were the first two people of an entire line of Magnolia Family. This family line continued for more than 300 years and to this day still has living members.

Listed among “America’s most beautiful gardens”, the Magnolia Plantation has a wonderful reputation for gorgeous spaces, famous gardens and the many years in which it has stood as witness for the nation’s history. In 1870, the Magnolia Garden opened its doors to the public, has impressed visitors every single day from that point and continues to do so even today.

Charleston Waterfront Park

We move on to the Waterfront Park, in the Charleston area, which is a better spot for those who wish to have a gorgeous view over the water while taking a stroll.

We have spoken of how the previous destinations have been listed among the Most Beautiful Gardens of America and even gotten awards but this park is just as precious, receiving the Landmark Award in 2007. This award is said to recognize “a distinguished landscape architecture project completed between 15 and 50 years ago that retains its original design integrity and contributes significantly to the public realm of the community in which is located.

The park is divided into several distinct sections, each designed to provide an enchanting environment for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Whether you wish to visit the fountains, take a walk on the wooden piers, stroll on the esplanades or just sit on the benches and observe the pure, surrounding nature, this park will make your time well worth it.