Where to eat good and cheap in London

This article features the best places to eat cheap and delicious food in London. But we didn’t choose these restaurants just like that. They were hand picked in order to take you around the culinary world even though they can all be found in central London.

Honey & Co.

This small but charming cafe-restaurant has earned the respect of its customers and the curiosity of many others since opening its doors, 12 years ago. Run by a happily married couple, this cafe features middle east type dishes. In the words of the owners, the restaurant offers food that they grew up with, that their families made and food that they always wanted to eat and never imagined that they would be making it. Because of its small size, the restaurant feels just like a family dining room. The customers feel and eat like home and this is why they come back every time.

Besides the inviting atmosphere, the restaurant features inviting prices as well. If you come in the mornings, you can have a wonderful and healthy breakfast starting from 3.5 pounds and going up to 7.5. For a more consistent meal, you can pay to start at 6.5 and going up to 14.5 pounds. For those with a sweet tooth, all of the deserts cost 5.5 pounds are delicious. For more information, complete menus, prices, reservations, and other information we encourage you to follow this link to their site » Honey & Co.

Honest Burgers

From the middle east, we move onto American cuisine and try a traditional and delicious burger, and let’s be honest (pun intended), who doesn’t like a good burger? The story starts with two friends, Tom and Phil, who worked together at a restaurant in Brighton. They decided to start a business on their own and began selling burgers at festivals and concerts. One year later, they were opening the doors to their first Honest burgers and today they have 7 burger locations all over London. The menu is like them, simple and honest, concentrating on burgers and doing them right. The burgers start from 7 and go up to 11.5 pounds, depending on your choice of meat and ingredients and they are all served with a side of rosemary salted chips. As for other side dishes, they vary from 2,5 to 4 pounds and sauces are 1 pound each. As for drinks, they vary from 1.5 to 3 pounds for soft drinks, 4.5 to 5 pounds for beers and ciders, 4.5 to 7.5 pounds for gins and wine can vary from 4.5 to 22 pounds depending on the type of wine and whether you want it at a glass or bottle. For more information, menus, and locations we encourage following this link to their website » Honest Burgers


The name of Chettinad comes from a small village located in the Southern Tamil Nadu State of India. This village is known for the wonderful culinary delicacies which attract tourists dying to get a taste. In the central part of London, this laid back restaurant brings the spirit and culinary excellence of India to anyone willing to give it a chance. Compared to other “Curry Houses” this South Indian food restaurant entices its guests with good quality comfort food, the type that is served all the way back in the small village of Chettinad.

The dishes have authentic Indian recipes and stay true to their original roots. If you ever get to visit the lovely village of Chettinad you will notice that the dishes prepared by locals are served on fresh banana leaves and without any eating utensils. The people here are so connected to their food that they want to take it all in. This is why they eat with their bare hands, touching and mixing every item in the dish and then getting to taste. This can be somewhat of a dirty job and that is why the founders of the restaurant who wanted to bring the same concept to London, had to elevate it a little. You may be served some dishes on fresh banana leaves but be sure that your eating utensils are always on the table.

In order to eat original South Indian dishes, you may pay as low as 1.95 pounds for a pre-meal snack, 3.95 pounds for a soup, 4.45 for a starter, 4.95 for a dosa, 5.95 for a vegetable meal dish, 2.45 for a rice dish or even 2.50 for a side dish. There are many items on their menu to choose from and we think that it will be enough for even the pickiest eater. For more information, location and menus we encourage you to visit their website by following the link » Chettinad

Banh Mi Bay

We move on again to the east side of the world and discover the wonders of Vietnamese cuisine right in the center of London. What started out as a small coffee shop that was selling sandwiches in Camberwell has evolved today to a business with two locations in London which cooks, sells, and promotes healthy and delicious Vietnamese food. The name comes from the Vietnamese word “banh mi” which means bread and which is used in London as a name for the famous baguette sandwiches with Vietnamese ingredients. These sandwiches are a big part of this restaurant’s menu along with many other Vietnamese traditional dishes and drinks.

In order to meet all the demands of busy London, this restaurant also delivers to offices for those who want a good meal fast and without the trouble of going out and also offers catering services. Those who want to enjoy the famous Bahn Mi sandwiches will have to pay 4.50 pounds. For other dishes the prices vary as such: 6 pounds for a rice box, 6 pounds for vermicelli noodle salad, appetizers can vary from 1.80 to 5.50 pounds, side dishes vary from 1.80 to 5 pounds and desserts are 2.20 pounds each. For more information, menus, prices and more we encourage you to visit their website » Banh Mi Bay