Ice cold surfing

Some of the best cold water surfing location that you must go if you like extreme surfing


Imagine that you are on a boat cruising the 34,000 km of Alaska coastline, in a continuous search for the perfect waves. Many Alaskan surfers are enjoying the cold juice that the water is offering. The best places where you can try some cold waves are Kachemak Bay, with varied coastline, bays rivers that can offer a enjoyable experience. Kenai Fjords comes with splendid scenery, lots of wildlife and of course lots of opportunities to surf.


Most of surfing that is done in Canada is done on rivers and using river surfing methods. The hardcore Canadian surfers wanted to get to another level and broke the river surfing frontier, and started to exploit the cold waves of the North Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The surf capital of Canada is Tofino on Vancouver Island. There is annually organized the Cold Water Classic Tofino, which is the fourth part of a five parts of the World Qualifying series. If you want to go to a more remote part for surfing in Canada there is also Lawrencetown Beach, Lake Superior and Kincardine.


If you ask about Iceland most people will tell you: Bjork, the northern lights, and that erupting volcano. No one can imagine that in Iceland, you can SURF. Believe me you can surf, and for a pro surfer it’s the best place for sensational waves. First of all I must warn you that surfing in Iceland is not for amateurs, and you must buy a specific wetsuit that it’s only commercialized in Iceland, and it’s pretty darn expensive. As for locations there is only one but is a crucial one. Thorli is a surfing point at 45 minutes away drive from Reykjavik. Also don’t wary about crowds, only 20-50 local surfers and sharing 5000 km of coastline with perfect waves. In the end if Fuerteventura is the Hawaii of Europe, then Iceland is the Hawaii of the Arctic.


Can you imagine that you can surf for 24 hours non-stop without getting dark? Come to Norway where you can enjoy 15,000 of coastline and 24 hours of daylight in the spring and summer months. In Hoddevika are a small, permanent surfing community and a basic campsite literally on the beach. If you have time and skill head to The Lofoten Islands, which is situated high above the Arctic Circle and home to the best Norway’s waves.


The biggest country in the world can offer some unique wave. Before diving in the cold water, you should take a sip of vodka. Always expect water temperature, between -5 and -10 degrees. The famous surf spots in Russia are located in the Kamchatka Peninsula, bordered by the Sea of Okhotsk, Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea.