How do world leaders spend Christmas

Merry Christmas, dear readers of Travel Hunch! We’re sure you’ve made some good picks for spending Christmas. Let’s see what the world leaders usually do at this time.

While the US president Barrack Obama makes it every year on the front page with his traditional sun laid-back Christmas Hawaii Holiday together with his family, you might be curious what are the European leaders doing for holidays. Well, not surprisingly, taking into account the debt crisis Europe is facing, they are spending very little taxpayers money and have also advised politicians to be modest.

Such is the case of the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy who announced he will be spending Christmas with his beautiful Italian-origin spouse, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and their 2 month old daughter Giulia at the La Lanterne residence, a royal crib built in 1787, hidden in the Versailles gardens.

The German Chancellor is known to love spending a low-profile Christmas in the Swiss Alps, together only with her husband, Joachim Sauer (62). Their favorite spot is in the St. Moritz region, Engadin Town. From previous year’s reports, the Europe’s de facto leader might be cooking again a German goose recipe for Christmas – so no fancy restaurant dining, although Switzerland is far being short of having what to offer.

Buckingham Palace will have most probably a family dinner hoping in the fast recovery of Prince Philip, who has undergone these days a coronarian surgery, now aged 90. Prince Charles’ spot to spend quality Christmas time with his spouse Camilla Parker-Bowles was Sandringham, in Norfolk, well known for a beautiful coast, parks and woodland.