How about a last minute Caribbean Christmas in Carriacou ?

Sniff, sniff…smell that Travel Hunch readers? Yes my friends, Christmas is in the air and it won’t be long before we all gleefully don our Santa hats, go on shameless shopping sprees and indulge in some much deserved celebration with family and friends.

While we all dream of a ‘White Christmas’ during the holiday times, sometimes the heart desires a change. So, we thought that the opposite of a snowy and cold weather would be represented by golden powdery beaches, warm sunshine and tropical fun. So ditch the overcoats and boots, pack up your swimwear and suntan lotion and head over to Carriacou to soak in the West Indian sun and culture. Oh and don’t worry about overlooking Christmas, as the islanders are predominantly Christians and celebrate the birth of Christ with much gusto through the famous Parang Festival (but more on that later).

Carriacou is one of the many tropical gems in Grenada and the home to some of the most exotic beaches. You can get there via ferry from the main island or check flight schedules between Grenada Island and Carriacou, from SVG Air. In order to experience the islander languid lifestyle, you can check yourself in the Simply Carriacou Villa Rentals, where you will not only get pampered, but will also get to enjoy some splendid views of the ocean. The property is located in the always-buzzing Hillsborough, so you can rest assured you would not miss out on the pulsating carnival parties.

Start your day by taking a ferry to the breathtaking and beautiful Sandy Island and indulging in activities like swimming and snorkeling and of course some good old sunbathing. Once you are done basking in the magnificent sun, head over to Tyrell Bay, a natural harbor dotted with dive shops, pubs and local shops (Lumbadive and Arawak being the most famous). At Tyrell Bay, you can go scuba diving to enjoy all the underwater wonders Carriacou has to offer and after that do grab a drink at the Old Rum Shop and some scrumptious pizza at the Lazy Turtle. Once all the outdoor activities is out of your system, embrace the Christmas spirit and get ready to partake in the local festivities.

A Caribbean Christmas will lead to some cherished memories and the Parang Festival will be your mark for the beginning of Christmas in Carriacou, so amke sure to plan accordingly. The festival usually kicks off with a free open-air concert in Hillsborough and the merrymaking continues all hours of the night. The festival is spread over a span of three to four days and one gets to go carolling with the locals and enjoy stunning Nativity displays and decorate Christmas trees. Make sure to take a break from all the partying and save up some time in order to get to sample local dishes in the no-frills Sandisland Café, located in Hillsborough.

Carriacou unlike other Caribbean destination isn’t flooded with tourists and hence it can be quite unspoiled. Epitomizing the West Indian lifestyle, this island is rife with beaches, emerald hills and hidden trails. If you go during Christmas you will get the double the pleasure because you will get to enjoy both the wonders of this gorgeous island and the beautiful celebration of Christmas.