Find Yourself on the Beaches of Bequia, Grenadines

Celebrating New Years in an exotic destination features on most traveler’s bucket list, and nothing is more special than singing “Auld Lang Syne with a bunch of likeminded revelers in the Caribbean.

So if you like grooving to the rhythm of Reggae and dream of endless sugar-like powdered beaches, that call to the beach bum inside you, then head over to the Grenadines (yes, the same island where Pirates of the Caribbean was shot) and celebrate with panache.

The island chain of Grenadines is a favorite among the party contingent during December, as one is guaranteed a hedonistic holiday without burning a hole in the pocket. The more popular islands being the bustling St. Vincent, the exclusive Mustique and the affordable Bequia. For us it is Bequia that holds the most interest, since it epitomizes the islander lifestyle, is dotted with magnificent beaches and in a nutshell is crystalline Caribbean at its best.The best way to the reach this gorgeous island is by taking the ferry and the Bequia Express (458-3472) and MV Admiral (458-3348) run ferries at regular intervals from St Vincent. Bequia has accommodation options ranging from the affordable to the absolutely extravagant, so choose wisely. We personally love the Firefly Plantation, as it is a home away from away (and quite the luxurious one at that) and is perfect place to savor the Caribbean charm. Room rates start from $395, but they have a lot of special packages that include freebies like ferry rides, island visits etc., so do take a look at them.

In the Caribbean and not lounging around in a hammock or a sun chair? Unheard of right? So splash some sunscreen and explore the islands around Bequia. Take a ferry to the secluded Mustique, which is known to be the playground of the rich and famous. Sunbathe with the jet-setters and make a stopover at the magnificent Cotton House Hotel to enjoy Al fresco dining at the Beach Café and take in its magnificent architecture.

If you don’t fancy a trip to the neighboring islands than take a stroll on the Lower Bay Beach, one of the best spots at Bequia. Not in the mood for diving or snorkeling? Well then avoid the numerous dive shops and head over to the Rasta Market to soak in the local culture. Interact with the natives, bite into the yummy local fruits and sample the local produce. After all the healthy eating do something unhealthy and enjoy the sundown at Frangipani. This local pub is always buzzing and is a favorite among yachtsmen that come from around the world. For dinner treat yourself to the yummy food at Fernando’s Hideaway, which serves local delights in a sublime tree house setting.

aerial photography of island at night time
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The Grenadines are far removed from civilization, but that doesn’t mean it is dead during New Years celebrations. The island really does come alive in December, as every hotel and pub rings in the new year with style and pomp.